Categorization and Upgradation of Pre-existing Softwares...!!!!

Comodo developers;
Let me first tell you that i am a great fan of your products. All the products are great and amazing to use but let me add something to it…

  1. Categorization of products is important.
    Please categorize all product in terms of OS first Windows, Linux, Mac etc and other (in case you develop your own OS). Then at it is now. And all should be in the website and in the forum.
  2. Packed/compress the security updates and products.
    CIS taking too much memory while downloading the main file and also updating the virus database. I used CIS but it took so much time for downloading and updating because i use mobile data connection so i switch to Eset Antivirus. And you people are the developer and how to compress/create fresh you know better.
  3. Always try to make complete set of one category.
    Suppose i have Comodo Antivirus but i don’t have firewall and for that i have to depend upon some 3rd party so it will give my pc so much trouble. So make a package list and try to complete it. And some extends you people had done great.
  4. *** Create a speed proxy server as You have created DNS…
    I have used many proxies in these days but none get upto the mark in security and speed. So my request is to create this…

Thank you