Cat lovers I need advice

I’ve been introducing a kitten to my 1 year old cat (both female) for the past 3 weeks using the slowly does it method. I am now at a stage where I can have them eating next to each other and out of each others bowls. However the kitten is wary but as soon as eating is over friction starts! The older cat starts sniffing the kitten who then goes defensive then the mad chase and swiping at the kitten begins. I’ve searched the net to no avail I would welcome any reputable feedback. Thanks

My experience .
Note: If the kitten itself is ok and there are no signs of the disease. ( Lethargy , fatigue, just sitting over a bowl …) If these symptoms, it a distemper.
Urgent medical attention.

I have a cat and a kitten (her daughter) both girls .
Once the kitten began to eat itself - the cat was chasing her and hiss .
Just a cat (senior) is in control of its territory.
A month later, everything was fine . Now they live very amicably .
Only now - feed them from a different trays.

But very rarely two cats get along together. ( So say on the forums.
I myself have not come across.)