CASG - some questions

[s]SSL/TLS from CASG to destination mail server

Can CASG use SSL/TLS to the destination mail server? I see only unencrypted connections from your server (CASG) to my mail server (yes, my server supports SSL/TLS). Can this be configured? Must another Port be used?[/s]

Feature Request

Nonexistent recipients and archiving

Why does CASG accept emails and archive such mails even if my mail server replies with a 5xx status code (recipient doesn’t exist/user unknown…) when not using the „local recipient“ feature? CASG tries also to deliver emails to nonexistent recipients even if my mail server rejects such mails. In the docs I’ve read this:

CASG continuously performs a cached recipient callouts to check that recipient email addresses do actually exist in the destination mail servers.

As I understand, when an email is rejected once by my server, CASG should also reject such mails but it looks like, it does not. Better to use the „local recipients“ here?

Thank you.