case study: Perry Community Schools trust Comodo for endpoint protection

Comodo today published its latest endpoint security case study, focused on how Perry Community School District in Iowa leverages Comodo’s containment technology and to protect and secure the endpoints accessed by students, faculty and staff.

The school district’s IT staff was in need of a reliable security solution in a cost effective structure, to reduce the massive amounts of malware and spyware-serving websites currently being accessed by its student body. Nearly everyone in the district uses a desktop, laptop or mobile device to access school curriculums and school emails.

“We cannot be in control of every rogue email that a student unknowingly opens or an infected website link they click on a device issued by the school. Since we can’t control the email or the website, we wanted to find a solution that could control and protect the device and stop any malware, Trojan or virus from spreading,” said Rich Nichols, Director of Technology, Perry Community School District. “We needed to put the call out to all possible vendors and ask for an IT security solution that would focus on the prevention of rouge malware and bad websites from being accessed.”

Through a competitive review process, Perry’s IT Department reviewed the security technology from all the major vendors and selected Comodo and its endpoint security technology as the solution of choice.

“We are thrilled with the endpoint security protection suite that Comodo provided for our IT environment,” said Nichols. “Comodo Endpoint Security Management gives us peace of mind, where our students can freely take advantage of all the great technology we have in place to share and exchange information to improve themselves as students. Because we are now using Comodo and its containment technology, we are not at risk to have any of our school or student data exposed to cyber attacks, and that makes me and my team sleep easier at night.”

Read the full case study here: