case study: Licking School District in Texas County Missouri trusts Comodo

Comodo today posted its latest endpoint security case study, focused on how Licking School District in Texas County, Missouri uses Comodo Endpoint Security Manager to protect its IT infrastructure from malware and spam.

said Michael Allen, Technology Director for Licking School District:

Licking School District has now been live on Comodo ESM for more than a year. “We have witnessed our network now cleaned by Comodo’s software, finding and eliminating all the infections that were completely invisible to our previous product. The key with Comodo’s ESM solution is that its unique containment technology truly protects our endpoints from any outside threat to our IT system – regardless of what that threat might be. We are protected and safe and able to run applications freely in a contained, controlled and safe environment – with zero interruption to our users.”

Read the full case study here: Licking School District | Multi-School District Relies on Comodo