case study: HRI Properties trusts Comodo's containment technology

Comodo today shared its latest endpoint security case study, focused on how HRI Properties relies on Comodo’s containment technology and endpoint security manager (ESM) to protect and secure the company’s data.

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, HRI Properties is a full-service real estate development company and a national leader in the adaptive reuse of historic structures.

“We had a mixture of multiple antivirus solutions from multiple companies trying to protect our network and endpoints, and it simply was not working out for us,” said Wayne Clement, Jr., IT Security Analyst for HRI Properties. “We were experiencing occasional outbreaks. Since the systems were disparate, there was no ability to centrally manage any of the information, which caused major interruptions and problems for our HRI team.”

HRI properties evaluated Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee and Comodo based on their own internal research to try and understand what would be the best option for HRI’s needs. In the end, Comodo endpoint security solution was selected as the clear winner for HRI Properties, due to its streamlined dashboard, implementation process and multiple layers of defense.

“We are very pleased with how Comodo’s endpoint security solution protects us from known and unknown threats. The customization of ESM has allowed us to save a tremendous amount of time identifying, containing, and remediating outbreaks,” said Clement. “The ESM console is a valuable source for information on all of our endpoints, providing a snapshot of resource utilization, event log entries, and overall protection strategy. We can’t imagine using any other security software other than Comodo to protect our endpoints.”

Read the full case study here: HRI Properties | Comodo Containment Technology to Protect & Secure