CAS taskbar icon gone [Solved]

I downloaded CAS about 2 weeks ago and everything went okay. During the last few days CAS taskbar icon disappeared–doesn’t boot with the start up I guess. I had to restart my PC–then the CAS icon reappeared in the quick launch task bar, but from now on it doesn’t help. Show Progress–Spinning Icon is checked. I can’t make CAS run eiher from start menu icon. Nothing happens. When I receive an email a flying envelope can be seen for a minute–not each time–but that’s all. Actually, it seems to work–I sent an email to myself and I received the CAS email asking me to confim the pass code, but I am unable to set anything in CAS since the settings panel doesn’t open. I always update my XP and I have CIS Premium.
Can anyone help me please?! I want my CAS taskbar icon back!
Thax in advance

Please try this fix here.

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply! I really appreciate it! Actually, I managed to set the CAS icon to be always shown in task bar, and of course I have made the settings you suggested as well. It seems to work! :ilovecomodo: :comodorocks:

That’s a pleasure!

I found another solution–but it works for a while only cca. a week’s time. Right click on Task Bar-Properties-Tray-Personalize-CAS-Always show. After it had been gone again I had to make this setting again then a reboot required and it is okay.

hi mouse1
i made all the settings as you advised–but the bloody CAS icon gone again–AND LET A SPAM IN!!!
ISN’T IT A BUG? how to report the spammer email address now?

Yes I think so. A new version is due out soon I am told. So maybe best to wait for that one. Sorry about this.