CAS Question... [RESOLVED]

Now the I’m using CSE my question is…

Does the current verson of CAS work with CSE?

Does CAS still automatically contact every person in your emails who isn’t in your addressbook?

Can you alter the message being sent out?


CASE remains excellent in concept, and also has some nice implementation ideas. But there are still significant bugs, in particular when used with Outlook, and some usability limitations. New version scheduled for May-ish according to another post. To answer your specific queries:

  1. CSE & CAS - logic of inter-operation is better sorted. However some CAS bugs appear to be related to use with CSE especially when used with Outlook.

  2. Yes, if you store copies of downloaded emails on your server. Best way to avoid this is to disable CAS filtering until you have built white lists, or delete downloaded mail stored on server.

  3. Yes and no. You can choose between two options. It appears that you can draft your own message, but actually the two options are compiled in to the exe file so you cannot. (Unless you are a real techie, when you could use a disk sector editor to amend compiled message in .exe file to one of precisely equal length. Don’t try unless you really know what you are doing - it’s possible to mess up your entire hard disk with a DSE. Also easy to make the .exe non-functional, and is also doubtless contrary to terms and conditions!!!)

Hope this helps


Hi, thanks for the info… I’ll probably await the next version and/or add everyone to my addressbook. Was using Popfile but kept slowing my system down so I’m on the hunt again…

That’s OK. Have just edited my reply a little to give some additional info and context.


Thanks for the updated response. I have emails saved on my .pst which I keep for safe keeping but whom I do not wish to contact. At any rate, will try and find another solution. Perhaps another baysian solution like popfile but lighter on my system.

No problem. Try again at end of May. CAS promises to be best in class - if only they can wrestle the bugs to the ground.


RESOLVED and Locked my own question.