CAS Keeps Disappearing Won't Open

Cas32.exe version 2.6 keeps disappearing. Freezes then disappears from system try. Logging off or restarting brings it back to system tray…then disappears again. Can go to Comodo folder in program files click on it or through All Programs on Start and will appear again in system tray, but is not clickable…and when clicked on will not open, but disappear.

I have already installed and uninstalled several times. Once re-installed will work a few days and then happen all over again.

Using Windows XP Home Service Pack 3, Windows Live Mail, Comodo Antivirus

What is wrong? It’s great when it works…but keep losing black lists and white lists having to intall/uninstall all the time.


Hi Kevsdad:

     As we know Comodo Antispam has compatibility issue with Comodo AntiVirus. 
     I use Comodo Internet Security (which is combination of Comodo Firewall and AntiVirus ) and Comodo AntiSpam 2.6, they could work well on my computer. Maybe you could try Comodo Internet Security.

The first time the issue occurred I was using Comodo Internet Security. Thought the issue was the firewall, apparently not. I will reinstall the firewall to have the Internet Security loaded.



Happened again this morning after yesterday re-adding the Comodo firewall. So I had to uninstall and re-install Comodo Antispam…still wouldn’t show…load, but no show.

Ended up uninstalling Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Antispam. Reinstalled first the Antispam and then the Internet Security…

Now just have to wait and see what happens.

There is definitely some type of conflict going on with the Comodo Antispam…just can’t find it.


Managed to get the weekend with no issues :BNC

But sigh…today…boom down again…

Windows XP SP 3, Windows Live Mail, Comodo Internet Security

Problem occurs most times, as today, when adding IPs to block.

New twist today…I can uninstall, but when I go reinstall, it installs then almost immediately disappears when I click on the authentication database.

Still trying for the 4th time now to reinstall Comodo Antispam.

There’s got to be a conflict…just don’t know what it is. When it works, it’s fantastic…but the disappearing act, the failure to allow configuration or add spam IPs is a little annoying.


(:AGY) Grrr! Now it’s disappearing when nothing is happening!

Will this help?

Comodo LSP Installation Started - 17-02-2009, 10:16:19
STARTED Comodo LSP installation - InstallLSP function entered…
Source folder - C:\Program Files\Comodo\Common, informer path - C:\Program Files\Comodo\Common
Lsp usage counter does not exist - lsp must be installed.
Removing possible remains of a previous LSP installation …
Entered CleanLspInstallation function…
RemoveProvider - WSCDeinstallProvider(2) Function Failed with error code [10014]
RelocateFile - source: C:\Program Files\Comodo\AntiSpam\CEmLSP.dll, destination: C:\WINDOWS\system32\CEmLSP.dll
RelocateFile - Check if folder exists: C:\WINDOWS\system32
RelocateFile succeeded.
Comodo LSP - Creating Backup.
Installed: [1071] C

Installed: [1072] C

Installed: [1073] C

Comodo LSP installed successfully.
Entered InstallInformer function…

So here I go to uninstall yet a 6th time today…and then re-install and hope it stays put this time.


I give up!

It is too much of a hassle and too time consuming…for the 8th time in 3 hours I have had to uninstall and reinstall and it won’t work. There is a bug somewhere.

Until this is fixed, I’ll just have to find some other program from someone else to use.


Hi Kevsdad:

      You are right. There is a bug or confilt. I think Comodo will fix it soon.