CAS english pack for translation [RESOLVED]

Hi guys

Could anyone upload english localization files that can be translated into different languages?

I would like to translate the product to Polish so it can be easier to use for polish users.

Best regards

That’s a very kind offer.

I’ll need to consult other moderators to find out how this works. I’ll be back to you soon.

Many thanks indeed


I referred this within Comodo about a day after you posted.

Has anyone contacted you yet?

Best wishes


Not yet…

Apologies, will remind the person I contacted and will try someone else.


Hi Sebatbg:
Thanks for your very kind offer. :-TU
It seems you want something works like this: a. Get English localization files, b. translate it into other language, c. Put new localization file back to install directory or some sub-directory of it. d. Restart CAS and it will show in new localization language.
Or we could do better, provider one option so user could select language it supports, and restart CAS the selection will take effect.
Currently we could provide English localization files to you but we could not let user change language of their copies by them self. you may need translate those files and send them back to developers so they could make release to this language.

Yeah…that’s the way.
Just like in this topic:

Grab english files, translate them, and next send them back to you…so you can add them to the CAS installer.
I don’t know how many of text strings are there, but I’ll try to involve someone to help me with that…and maybe it’s gonna work…

Take care