CarboniteUI.exe still being blocked after New Trusted

Comodo is blocking Carbonite Backup.

Application Rules - Custom -
CarboniteUI.exe is Allow All Requests and Allow All Incoming and Outgoing Requests.

Firewall Events is still showing Blocked.
CarboniteUI.exe Blocked TCP 57033(varies) 668 about every 2 seconds

I’ve tried removing and adding the rule, rebooting computer, etc.

Carbonite functions if Comodo firewall is disabled. is known as the loopback zone. It is typically used for developing & debugging network software, as well as facilitating inter process communication.

To allow access to the loopback zone you can make a rule like as follows:

Action: Allow
Protocol: IP
Direction: Out
Description: Allow Access to Loopback zone
Source Address: Any
Desination Address Type: Network zone
Zone: Loopback zone
IP Details: Any

Thanks for the info but tried this and blocking still happening.

Try filtering the firewall log for Application Contains ‘CarboniteUI.exe’ over the entire period to see what else maybe blocked.

Did you enable Filter loopback traffic?

EricJH - give that man a cigar - turning off Filter loopback traffic solved the problem.