Can't watch videos or view GIFS on Facebook when browser is sandboxed.

1 I can’t view videos or gifs on Facebook they don’t load, gifs are just white screens when clicked on, and videos load for a second and stop.
2. This happens when I am only in a sandboxed browser.
3. I open a sandboxed browser and can’t play stuff I normally can while not sandboxed.

in any specific browser or all browsers?

Oops thought I included that in the OP, Oprea is a nogo for gifs and videos, Firefox works for both, those are the browsers I use.

Thanks, we will address in next releases. It’s noted as a bug.

Thank you very much!

Hi Cheater87,

This bug will be fixed in next release. A beta build will be made available in upcoming week which you can confirm the fix.
Thanks for the patience.

Kind Regards,

Thank you so much! What was causing this issue if you don’t mind me asking?

Please check issue again with Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6574 - BETA thanks.