Can't use V3 - can't remove it either!

Common story (it seems) - v2.4 prompted me to upgrade to v3. I did. v3 apparently doesn’t run (no tray icon). Uninstall failed. I manually removed every trace I could find. The installer tells me it’s already installed & asks if I would like to uninstall it, when I say yes it quits without doing anything.

Same story with the 2.4 installer.

So now I’m hosed - no firewall - v3 won’t install (and I no longer want it!) and I can’t get back to v2.4 either.

Time to switch to another product?

I had a problem that I couldn’t resolve too. So I simply did a system restore so that I’m back with v2 and everything now working OK.

Sounds like a plan…since I have the day off, I’ll see what I can find.