Can't use Firefox

I had Firefox working with Comodo. I then added 3 extensions to Firefox, but when I tried to restart it, it wouldn’t start. I uninstalled all the extensions with no luck. Still wouldn’t start. I totally uninstalled it using a new feature that is supposed to uninstall my settings as well as the program. I then couldn’t find any instance of Firefox or any profile for it using “search”. I re-installed Firefox, but still can’t get it to start.

Their forum suggested I “Try removing any Firefox entries from Comodo, relaunch Firefox, and then allow Firefox when Comodo prompts.”

I, however, can’t find my programs list in the new version of Comodo. Can you tell me how to do this?


Defense+\Advanced\Computer Security Polices & Make Firefox a Trusted Application.

Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Polices & Make Firefox a Web Browser.


Be sure you have the latest Firefox (3.01). Firefox becomes sluggish and corrupt over time. Try doing a complete uninstall and reinstall of Firefox. I use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode and then reboot when done. Also see here.

I have never had a problem with Firefox becoming sluggish and corrupt over time.
I had v1, updated to v2, and then updated to v3 and I have never had any slowdowns, and I have never had to re-install Firefox.

Well its as known fact and I have done it a couple of times and told other people on here to do the same and there problems go away. Maybe you aren’t so picky but if Firefox doesn’t load in less then 3 seconds I reinstall it. Try it and you will see.All software can become sluggish and corrupt which is the reason alot of people reinstall Windows once a year to improve speeds.

Yes, I must admit you are 100% correct.
Because of the poor design of Windows, a re-install of an application is often the best way to fix some problems.

Ironically, I recall recommending a re-install of Windows on this very forum, only to be rebuffed quite emphatically by certain members…
But I digress.

If I may rephrase:
I have never had to re-install Firefox personally, but I concede that it may be beneficial for others to do so.


I know the boot up on Firefox 3 isn’t the fastest…

Hope Firefox 3.1 will bring some improvements in that area.