Can't upgrade

so i got a key from you guys for comodo pro, but no way to activate, the manual guide is inaccurate, no option to activate key anywhere, tried link in email to download pro, but tabs just opens and closes, what do i do?

Hi demonguy,

Sorry for the inconvenience, let me check with the related team and update you.


Actually, how do i cancel my subscription for pro, i want complete.

Hi demonguy,

kindly contact to this email address subscriptions[at] and submit your problem.



I renewed CIS PRO a few weeks ago. Everything works fine.

To activate the license key see the attachment.

Cool thanks, got things working, is there a different between pro and complete?

Pro gives you the free support / Geek Buddy if you need it, otherwise they’re identical products

You are welcome.

I asked myself the question and I made a comparison chart.
I think it should be right.

You’ll find that whichever described version you choose buy, you are buying the Pro version which has everything