Can't upgrade


The firewall starts upgrafing. It gets to around 20% and times out with a message saying it can’t be upgraded. Sometimes I also get error 106 or 109 and the update stops. Anyone else getting this?


I get error 106 every time. :frowning: (:SAD)

yeah i got the same messages too, so instead i downloaded it from… i think something is wrong with their servers, because the forums were very slow for sometime this morning, and also if you try to download comodo firewall, it’s very slow.

Geez, did Comodo even think about the possibility of having enough bandwidth to offer updates for the firewall. It keeps trying, then bombs out. All that is happening is that bandwidth is being wasted each time.

That filehippo site is awesome. My new hobby is free software and I recognize alot of the titles there from searches up and down the internet.

Anyway, when I installed the new version of Comodo firewall, it made me uninstall the old one, reboot, and then install the new one, and reboot. And then it had to relearn all of the internet interactions all over again, that I allowed the first time.

I am wondering if one updates it the “normal” way, if this process of 2 reboots and forgetting the past is avoided.

Comodo had radically increased their capacity recently, but the popularity of CFP has out-radicaled their forecasts. They are working on it, even as we speak.

If it cost money, I suppose we’d have a right to complain.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I updated today without problem.

I have also been getting the 109 errors until today. I was trying to update when I had a series of 4 BSODs, all one right after the next and then a little while later I tried to update and viola!

Not sure if the two are related tho.


I found the recent upgrade to be completely evil. Sorry guys… :-\

I had Comodo set for “automatically check for upgrades”, received the popup, and said: “yes, please.”

The upgrade creeped along at a snail’s pace - I mean, to the point where I was checking all kinds of stuff to find out what was wrong - then it disappeared! Then several times during the day the popup came back. Same slow pace. Finally I just closed Comodo as it was obviously incapable of updating.

I waited a day and decided to try to manually upgrade via the interface. This fails for me (on XP Pro) unless I have Internet Explorer open! What the heck? I don’t use IE! I use Opera and Firefox. It took me an hour to figure this out (after a reboot or two)…

Finally started upgrading and although slow (not so-slow-I-had-to-unplug-it like it was originally) it eventually made it.

Now I know and understand it is a free product, but if you want to keep people using it you can’t have this kind of behavior happening. You will lose people. Their confidence gets eroded. They think: if the basic process of updating the software is like this, what is happening under the hood? Dare I look?

My advice is to upgrade the upgrade process to an absolute top priority. Make it fast, clean, and most of all easy - with no dependencies on IE or anything else. This is expected nowadays.

Just my two cents, but you know the saying that most people won’t even tell you if they have a problem with your product… They’re already gone.


I’m sure Comodo appreciate your taking the time to post your observations.

The reason for the slow update was that the installation wasn’t pulling down just an update, it was pulling down the whole new version (approx 9.7 MB). This on its own would have made for a slower update than expected, but the added fact that hundreds of thousands of users were trying to update at the same time literally cooked the servers. IMHO, Comodo were caught on the hop by how popular V2.4 turned out to be.

They have added at least two additional servers for the CFP update, and the slowness of the update is diminishing as more and more people complete the process.

I think Comodo are a bit red-faced over this and will do their utmost to ensure adequate capacity in future.

Again, thanks for your input and I hope the new firewall is working out well for you.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hopefully they will be encouraged by the popularity and take my other comments to heart. Could be a case of getting the basics down solid before adding any more advanced features.

I would definitely remove any IE tie-ins asap.

Cheers! :■■■■