Can't Update to 3.9

Been clicking on “Check for Updates” in Vers 3.8 and just keep getting this error message…

Error 108. Update could not be completed. Please check your Internet connection settings.

I checked my settings (in Commodo) and all necessary are ticked.

Any suggestions?

I saw the Comodo update bubble appear telling me there is a new version out. I clicked it and it went to the progress bar and in a few seconds it told me to restart. I clicked yes to restart but when I checked I was still using version 3.8.

I then went to misc and clicked check for update and it worked. By any chance was this due to a bug or possible malware?

Just do a clean install of the 3.9 version and everithyng will be ok:)

Sure Its Not Because Of A Malware. Possibly A Bug. Because When I Had The Same Issue With 3.9 RC2. After Installing CIS, First Time When You Run A Update Manually,Or When It Happens Automatically, It Would Prompt You To Restart The System. However After Restarting Nothing Might Have Changed As You Said. I Don’t Think A Reinstall Is Necessary, Unless You Get Into Some Other Issues

It’s not necessary,it’s just recommended :wink:

If you read here it is a two stage update from 3.8
2 - I updated it but the automatic updater reported updates again. Whats going on?
This is expected. If you are updating from CIS 3.8, there will be a 2 stage update. First update is going to update the automatic updater and make sure it can update to CIS 3.9. Then the second update is going to make sure that update to CIS 3.9 is completed.

Thank you

Well that settles everything then, thanks. I thought that 2 stage update issue only happens for those using Vista though and it hadn’t occurred to me that the same goes for XP users.

Does This Updater Check Will Happen Always Before Updating To A Newer Version Of The Software ?

Not as far as I know.

That said there has been two stage updates in the past, mainly for Vista.


I’ve Noticed It Happening On XP Also. Any Ways, Thnx For The Clarification.

I have 3.8 installed on my XP computer. When checking for an update all I get is Error 108 check your internet connection. A new install is an all day process for me with dial-up, so I’m wondering if something is happening or an adjustment needs to be made to make the update work?
Also, do I need to remove 3.8 before downloading the current version? I hate to be unprotected for that amount of time.

Hi duracell,

You can download the 3.9 then offline then uninstall 3.8 then install 3.9 then online again to update the AV. That was what I did. I faced the same problem cannot update to 3.9 so I choose to have a clean install.

Hi Duracell,
Ditto IamJSN comments. This is what I ended up doing and everything went ok.

Hello Geo. CIS inbuilt update should work… (unless you are using a really old beta…)

If you feel like it you can try updating again, (even if you now have the latest version)…
Still getting that error? :-TU :-TD

A possible adjustment you might need to do is check Internet Explorers connection settings (Since CIS import those when trying to update…)…

For instance, if IE uses a proxy to connect to the internet and that proxy “dies” then CIS will fail to update with a error similar to what you got…

Just gave the update function a try (even though I have 3.9) and it seemed to go through ok - got a message saying ‘no updates available’