can't update in China

Sorry my English is poor.It’s very hard to connect to comodo’s server in China.So I can’t update cce’s Virus database and download killswitch in cfw.
Comodo is the best firewall I’ve used.I hope comodo will be the best firewall in the world.And I also hope comodo’s server will be better to Chinese users.

i met the same problem long time ago,and i have also reported this problem to comodo for a lot of times,and comodo do has solved the problem during the past period,however,now the problem come back again.i can approve it.

but the problem now is that nobody reply to your post even 2 days later after u started the topic.

If it helps you - I can suggest to download from here and to update bases in a manual mode.

Have you been in contact with somebody from Comodo? Do you recall who this was?

well,nobody from comodo cantacted with me after we report the problem this time.but i have reported the same problem for a lot of times in the past(since a few years before) as u may remember,and comodo did contacted me.

really can not understand why comodo can not solve the problem for us.just only after 5 months (since my last post ) this problem come back again.

I made the url clickable. Eric

I just contacted Comodo staff about it.

ja,i have just tested it,and everything is ok now.thank u very much for your help.
merry christmas,


oh,no.the connecting speed become slow again…what’s wroung with it???can u contact with comodo again?

I got word from Melih that Comodo is on it.

I am in contact with Comodo staff about this problem.

They need additional information to get a finger behind this problem. They need the following information:

Edit: please send the results by pm to the head admin EdGQ2.