can't update add-ons on build

here are 2 screenshots, one from the extension tab and the other from get add-ons.
I can’t update add-ons from the extension tab, and i can’t search for add-ons into the tab “get add-ons”
don’t know the problem.
maybe the pics will be more clear.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Not working correctly AdBlock. ( EHH for ABP).
Report a problem on the page , does not open full screen and nothing works.
AdBlock problem with IceDragon 17?

it works again, don’t what was the problem.

Design your plug-in with him AdBlock Plugin at gunpoint. To selectively block itself. So it works and blocks. But try to report a problem on a page. You will see that it does not work. I do not work. How are you?
I wrote above.

The plugin is not guilty. I disabled it, the problem remained.
There can report a problem on a page. Where the links-Create a snapshot does not switch. There are no buttons, Next. (Empty) window does not open completely. Perhaps because of translation into Russian? Does not look to English?

Delivered IcrDragon 18. Everything works. Thank you for your decision. Success. :-TU

EHH for ABP.