Can't Uninstall

I have been using “RollBackRx” for a long time and have encountered various problems with it, so when I saw that “Comodo” had made a similar (Almost Identical!) product I of course wanted to try it. Well after first complaining about disk space (When the actual was larger), it then used far more disk space then I would expect and filled up my hard drive! So I decided I would simply uninstall it and start over. It won’t let me uninstall it!! So I need a way to Manually delete it from my system without loosing data!!

I would tell you all too that some of the problems I had with “RollBackRx” were similar in that it would report an incorrect size of my had drive to the OS but that is on a 64 bit XP system. I had to many problems with the Win 7 system to begin with that I never installed it on it. My HP NoteBook with Win 7 had just settled out when I had a crash again and after another reinstall I decided to put CTM on it and this is what I got, a full hard drive with no working CTM!

Heh, yesterday I tried uninstall CTM form my Win7 and as a result, I loose Win7. Not to mention data loos (GB of it). I wont let CTM put a foot on my hardrive ever again.

Same here with windows vista.

Either 1st the sub console during boot-up or Revo uninstaller your call, and if via Revo go all the way thru the registry leftovers good luck dude :-TU
Xman 8)

I simply CANNOT understand why Comodo would release such a DANGEROUS product is such a buggy state and call it a Final.

I’m wondering how many people have lost their whole system by using this NOT READY to be used product. ???

TOTALLY AGREE!. I almost lost all my laptop hopefully Win 7 Boot cd managed to restore to a version previous than CTM installation…CTM it’s a grat idea and if it works fine will be a MUST, and will be useful. Bu there are a lot of bugs, i also think it should come out from beta…

hi, Carbon_Copy

You can try to enter sub console system by pressing “Home” when PC starting and uninstall CTM in it. Well, would you please provide the size of your disk space? It is better to leave 10G or more space in your protected partition before CTM installing. Thanks for your feed back!

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