Can't Uninstall CPM Beta!

Is there a Force Removal Tool for COMODO Programs Manager/Beta?

Is there any way to fix COMODO Programs Manager so it will work?

Is there any :a0 hope :a0 for getting this problem fixed? ???

I can’t reinstall nor uninstall nor open COMODO Programs Manager.

I hope I’m not being a nuisance but I just want to start using again.

Please forgive me if I am being a nuisance about this.

are you getting any errors

The green loading bar stops loading and then the installer/uninstaller freezes. The unpacker shows up & dissappers and the rest doesn’t show up. Is there a fix for this.

are you using windows uninstall from the control panel?

Just now tried that & it didn’t work.

this is why u should never run a beta on a production system. try using revo uninstaller

EDIT: EricJH why did you move this to CTM? its regarding CPM. programs manager