can't uninstall CIS access denied

I upgraded but then decided to uninstall and start fresh. But I think I ■■■■■■■ it up. I uninstalled with the Comodo uninstall tool instead of add & remove programs. It won’t uninstall (access denied errors) and now Comodo does not show up in add & remove programs. So it seems I am stuck. How can I remove Comodo without deleting everything manually and if done manually, where are all the locations to delete?

When running the the Comodo uninstall tool it will say it can’t access drivers and other executables. They will get deleted in the reboot. Did you reboot as requested?

Yes, rebooted more than once as prompted to do.

I am guessing the uninstaller does not have the access rights to uninstall all those files.

did you use latest version of uninstaller? also what uninstaller says when you run it again?

@CommodoUser2019. Did you get a message about not being able to delete before the reboot? That is normal. When the clean up tool is ready it will show a screen if I remember correctly. What did that screen say?

Are you able to install CIS?

What uninstaller did you use? Did you try running it from Safe Mode?


Forum won’t let me post 2 messages in short order. Not from Safe mode. Should I go back and do it again from safe mode? Will it clean the reg errors?

I tried booting into safe mode. Since reinstalling windows recently, Microsoft wrangled me into signing in with a pin, instead of a pw like ive used since the earliest days. Well, safe mode won’t accept the pin. I changed my Microsoft password from my phone and restarted but it wont take that either. To me this is a ridiculous situation. Does anyone know how I can get into windows? Rebooting only goes to safe mode as I’ve enabled it through msconfig.

Whatever DOS skills I had are long gone. Whoever gets stuck in Safemode hell and can’t get out, check out this video:

Thanks to all for the suggestions. I finally was able to uninstall through safe mode after activating the admin account and setting admin password and reinstalled the FW with offline installer. Same errors. :-X Will take futuretech’s admonition to ignore these errors. Looking forward to enjoying this release.