Can't Uninstall Chromodo [Solved]

I have had problems with Chromodo (taking forever to open email, etc) so I want to uninstall it but I can’t. When I go to program uninstall and choose Chromodo, it opens its own uninstaller so when I hit the Uninstall button, it tells me “The application is running. Please close Chromodo and try again”. How can I uninstall it? I’m using Windows 10.
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Hi and welcome mfer,
Check under the processes tab of Windows task manager for any instances of ‘Chromodo.exe’, if any are found right click and select end task then try uninstalling again.
Task Manager-WindowsTenForums
Alternative reboot the system and then try uninstalling again.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, captainsticks. Task manager showed about 10 Chromodo processes running! I ended them all and had no problem uninstalling after that. Thanks for the help! :-TU

You are welcome, sorry to hear Chromodo didn’t work out for you.