Can't uninstall - Can't find in startup [Solved]


I’ve read through all of the “uninstall problem” posts that I can find and don’t find a solution to my specific problem.

After reinstalling windows to get rid of some problems, I installed the Comodo suite of programs except for anti-virus since I wasn’t using this computer for emails. Then the problems started:

At first, IE7 would open at startup and go to the Comodo AntiSpam download page. Thought that was strange but simply put off doing anything about it for a while.

Then when I noticed that the offered page was an upgrade, I clicked on the download button but nothing happened. A couple of days later, tried it again and it worked and started uninstalling my existing copy. During this step, said it couldn’t find a file and asked me to insert a disk. Since I bought the Comodo disk I tried that but it couldn’t find the file it was looking for. I looked everywhere in my computer but couldn’t find it. Can’t remember the name but it was something like Comodo Anti-Spam Installation.msi - I just remember it having a strange extension like that .msi or .mst or something like that.

I had no choice but to abort the uninstall and this of course aborted the install process too. Now I have a whole host of new problems. The computer can’t see the internet or the Windows Home Server (WHS) I have. So I can’t get online to diagnose. I tried a system restore and this fixed the network problem but the uninstall program keeps popping up at startup and everytime I try to open IE7. Man, what a mess.

So the only thing I could do at this point was to restore the computer from a backup on the WHS. This fixed everything but when I tried to remove CAS this time, it did the same thing. So now I have these install windows popping up at startup and even stopping IE7 from loading correctly. It’ll hang the first 2 times I try to open it then open and work, but every new page pops up the install window for about a second.

Now, I’ve tried the programs suggested that show everything that’s loaded at startup and there is nothing from Comodo in there except the CFP, CMF, and BoClean.

Any ideas anyone?

XP-PRO sp2
2 meg ram, P4 2.8ghz, etc. etc.

Thanks (:HUG)


Uninstall all Comodo Products.

Search your computer for anything named “Comodo” and delete it.

Run a cleanup utility like: ccleaner (Free from and remove all temp files etc and run the Registry cleaner as well. Reboot your machine.

There are often these leftover Comodo Directories and registry entries when you uninstall the product. Removing these and running the cleanup will remove these unecessary files and leftover registry entries.

Anti-spam has particular problems with Comodo SecureEmail and the old CAVS 2.0

Thankfully, Comodo Internet Security is now in it’s 2nd beta and looking strong. (Internet Security includes the brand new Comodo ANtivirus 3 which is ENTIRELY different from CAVS 2).

I suggest running Comodo Firewall Pro, COmodo BoClean and COmodo Safesurf at the very least.



Woo Hoo! :Beer

That worked! I’m a little worried about not having the other Comodo products, especially CFP since I paid for a disc and use it on my laptop. When is the new suite of programs coming out?

Thanks VERY much for the assistance.


huh ??? what do you mean you paid for a disk ???
comodo products like antispam & CFP are free ???

At one point, I got an email saying that for $10 you could get all of the applications on a CD. I mistakenly thought that they were now charging for the product and figured, wth, $10 isn’t a bad deal. But since I’ve had so much trouble with it, it seems like I’ll have to find another solution. Maybe this new version will be better. Any idea when it’s due to release?


Full release of Comodo Internet Security hasn’t yet been determined though we have been told that this will be a very short Beta. Within 1 week of the 1st Beta a 2nd Beta came out so fingers crossed, who knows.