Can't turn off CCAV scan

I have Antivirus set to “Disabled”, so why is Comodo doing a full scan of my computer for many hours, and the CCAV process slowing down my computer? This is annoying.

Eventually Comodo showed me the results of an automatically run full scan, but I have Antivirus turned OFF. I don’t want any scans.

P.S. “Realtime Scan” is unchecked, and no scheduled scans are enabled.

They are working on a new version where you can disable auto scan.
Right now a workaround is to set “Start full scan automatically every” to 36500 (=100 years)
I have never had an auto scan on my PC, but I think you have to complete the initial quick scan

Where can I change this setting?

When I go to Settings - Antivirus - Scans, there is no such option.

There is an option “Full Scan”, which is disabled.

They are working on a new version where you can disable auto scan.

It would only take them one second to change the code so that it doesn’t run a scan if the user has Antivirus turned off.

Are you sure you are using Comodo Cloud AntiVirus (CCAV) and not Comodo Internet Security (CIS) ?

CCAV: Comodo Cloud Antivirus Protection Settings, Antivirus Software, Virus Scan | COMODO
CIS: Scan Profiles, Scan For Virus, Antivirus Protection | Internet Security Help

My apologies, I am indeed using CIS. I was confused.

Perhaps I should post the same question in the CIS forum? Or will this be fixed for the next version of CIS as well?

You can try to search the CIS forum first. Then, if you can’t find the answer, you can post a new topic :slight_smile: