Can't turn firewall on.... Please help!

When I booted up my computer this afternoon, Windows security popped up telling me my firewall was off… this… despite it loading normally in the task bar.

So when I pulled it up… sure enough… on the “Summary” page under “Security Monitoring”… all 4 sections are marked off.

When I pull up each section and try and turn it back on… I can’t… it stays off…

When I hit “restore” to restore to defaults… nothing happens. The security level is marked to “custom.”

I can change the slider bat on the summary page to block all… but then of course that would render things useless.

I would be grateful if someone would please be so kind as to offer their wisdom and guidance as to what exactly may be going on as well as what I might be able to do to rectify the situation.

Many Many thanks!

Did you try rebooting?

Yep… (:SAD)

Perhaps a mod can help you. Further questions before drastic measures: did you install Comodo recently? If so, did you uninstall properly the previous FW (some FWs leave things behind, and cause conflicts).

If everything else fails, i suggest a re-install, but wait for further help, and answer the above please:

Backup the rules, if you prefer- Script to Backup CPF firewall settings
( Comodo Forum )

  • this is a workaround until a feature comes along to backup rules.

Manual uninstall
( Comodo Forum )

  • this is to completely uninstall Comodo. Check if the security center doesn’t flag Comodo.

Hi and welcome,

There have been some reports similar to this on the forums, and seems to be a problem with a file becoming corrupted.

Can you try a reinstall, you can use the script posted by someone to backup your rules.

Also, if you recently installed do you have any other security software active? It may be a good idea to disable these when installing CFP as they can block registry and startup changes for applications causing problems.


The disabled monitors issue will be fixed in version 3. Hopefully, it’s not just for the logging on/off situation.

billykendall, just for clarity, what’s your OS version?

Thanks guys… here are some answers:

“Someone” - I installed Comodo a month or so ago. Worked wonderfully and flawlessly until yesterday. No recent changes to system for me to pinpoint why it suddenly went down.

I used to use Mcafee provided free to Comcast customers. It was a security suite which began misbehaving for me when it wouldn’t update and was a bit of a resource hog. I used their installed uninstaller and my ISP also had me run a script to “REALLY” clean it all out.

I’ve been running Comodo quite happily for a firewall for the last month and Grisoft for my AV.

I have no other security apps running. (Though I have turned on the Windows Firewall since Comodo went down)

“Soyabeaner” - I’m running XP SP2 and am current with all appropriate Microsoft “critical” and optional security patches via Microsoft update. I also run Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy once a month. My system is generally pretty clean.

Many thanks for your collective wisdom and guidance!