Can't Sync with FF Account

I have installed CID on my work computer to replace Firefox, but I am unable to sync with my FF account.

I have also attempted to restore and import bookmarks without success, so basically I can’t use CID.

Any suggestions out there?

Hi RadioSteve, thank you very much for reporting this issue!

We will look into this issue, but we will need more information.

What is the version of Comodo IceDragon you encountered this issue in?

After the sync fails can you go to about:sync-log and see if any log is added there and send it to us.

Make sure you’re device is not blocked (can check on the “Manage Account” page, there is a link to it on the sync page in Options).

Thank you very much,

Well, I’m not sure what happened but I opened CID this morning, signed in to my Yahoo account and viola! Everything synced.

:BNC :rocks: