Can't submit files from Quarantine

Hi, I have an auto-installer file (from a very reliable source) being marked as malware, and it got put in quarantine. I wanted to submit the file for analysis as this is likely a false detection.
When I try to “submit” the file Comodo comes back “file not found”.

I can restore the file to its normal directory, that works. But, if I then access this file in any way it immediately shows a popup that this is a virus and puts it back in quarantine.
The product update (which this file facilitates) occurred without a problem, but now this file is being targeted by Comodo as malific.
Anyone know how to get out of this loop?

which version of CIS are you using?

I’m using 6.1.276867.2813

Try adding the files to the AV exclusions (tasks ->advanced tasks → open advanced settings → antivirus → exclusions) or go to quarantine and restore the file CIS will ask you if you want to add the file to the exclusions list, click yes. Then you can submit the file as a false positive.

How to report false positives

Thank you!
That worked fine.
Appreciate the help.

no problem