Can't submit files anymore?

I was able to submit files yesterday, but now whenever I try to submit files it just sites on “Initializing…” forever. Is it only me?

I’ve tried reinstalling but it still persists.

i can submit but they dont scann them…,
some files i submited 2 weeks back some 2 days back and nothing so far…
maybe its an issue with my router that i can submit but dont get the resultes?



I get the results for some of them, but not all.

It’s probably a bug. Can you post screenshots of the behavior you’re experiencing and give more information about your systems? (Such as OS and other security software)

if i look my already uploaded files up(uploaded them weeks back some days back)
i see this:

if i close the one on the right i get this:

if i click yes he wants to upload and i get another already submited thing but i think they arent submited because they arent checked in 15 minutes like you say.

i know i did the exact post at the bug report but he asked :wink: