cant start the interface

Recently updated to .1355
Running Windows XP
SWT and AVG 9

Noticed today that the control panel wont open, no right-click menu on the tray icon, and the Desktop and menu Items wont open it either, the Trayicon is showing activity.,
cpf and cmdagent are running in task manager

What program is SWT? Does temporarily disabling AVG help?

Hi SWT is Spyware Terminator, But I got Comodo going again by re-installing.
Still some odd things tho such as occasional cfp.exe holding up a system shutdown.

The other thing was, Comodo detected an update (although the latest version was installed), went off and apparently downloaded somthing (very quickly) no change in displayed version.

Spyware Terminator has a HIPS component. Please disable it. Having two security programs of the same kind can have al sorts of side effects.

That’s likely an update for the white list or Trusted Software Vendors list.

Changed my ‘policy’ now. AVG and SWT have gone, replaced with Commodo and Avira only (I have ignored the please uninstall COMODO warning when doing the Avira update today !! Good grief)