Can't sign in on MSN account

I’ve installed Beta CEVPN in two different computers -one with XP SP3 and the other with W7 x64- and in both I’ve the same issue. I configured two different MSN accounts -one on each CEVPN- and many times I can’t sign in in these accounts and I get the “Sign on failed” message. Connections diagnostics are right and I’m always signed in the CEVPN account.
If I try to access through Messenger Live, there is no problem and it never disconnects -unless I try to access from CEVPN, off course-
It’s a randomly issue and I don’t have another computer trying to access the same accounts. Besides this, when it finally signs in, often it disconnects from these accounts.
I’m using the last Beta CEVPN but the same occurs me with the previous one

Same issue here, Win7, x32 Enterprise.

Hi Mahg:
This happens for MSN has changed their server certificates in last week, very unfortunately.
This issue will be fixed in next release, which will come soon in one week at most.

Thanks Junhua.

I’ll wait the new release.

Best regards