Can't send mails while using SecureEmail

I cannot send mails when Secure Email is installed I can receive mails fine but when trying to send it says in my email programme that it can’t find the cert. I am using the latest forum version.

What might be wrong is that your certificates haven’t been imported into Outlook. Goto Tools>>>Options>>> Goto the Security Tab and Click Import/Export. Import your certificate into Outlook. This might resolve your issue.


I don’t use outlook I use thunderbird (sorry I should of said.)

Your right that was the problem but now I have imported the cert into thunderbird it now crashes when you press the send mail button. So one problem has been replaced by another.

Did you install the certificate correctly. Have a look at the following link:

Also, are you using SSL connections? (Sometimes SSL errors are related to Ports Select and/or Cross Domains)

Which type of account is it? POP3, IMAP?

You might also want to look at this one…

I’m away for Easter now but feel free to PM another Mod if the above isn’t any help


I have read the above links and I have installed the cert correctly and I don’t think the other link applies to me but I thank you for helping. If you think of anything else please let me know. Enjoy your break.

I am also encountering an error when sending email with Thunderbird. I am using IMAP and once an email is sent, Thunderbird crashes when moving the email to the sent folder.

Version is

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Bingo! That’s the one! Thanks I thought I was going crazy.

I’m currently trying to replicate your issue on my machine so I can work a solution.

In the meantime, I’ve asked the other mods who might have more knowledge, to jump in if they could…

P.S. - Can you try increasing your “Server Timeout Delay” to 90 seconds and have another go?


P.S. - Make sure Automatic Decryption is turned OFF.

P.P.S. - Are you running 32 bit or 64 bit?

OK - did a bit more testing to help you recreate the problem. Seems to only occur when using SSL with IMAP.

I have to admit that it seems quite an inconsistent problem, while testing I have successfully sent and received numerous encrypted emails to myself, however Thunderbird then suddenly started crashing the moment it connected to the IMAP server.

At times, I have also received error code 12263 from my IMAP server while using SSL.

Setup information:
Vista Home Premium SP1 32 bit
Secure Email

IMAP with SSL port: 993 ← added to IMAP protocol settings in CSE.
SMTP port: 25

I am now doing all testing with server timeout at 90 seconds and auto-decrypt off.

Quick update, after reading section 6.5.1 of the CSE user guide I have the following settings:

IMAP port: 993

IMAP port: 993

Thunderbird is still occasionally crashing when either checking email, or moving sent items to the sent folder. I am not seeing any 12263 errors now though.

I should also add that while sending encrypted emails to myself, all emails I receive have “undisclosed-recipients” in the to field.

Me I am running 32 bit, I am using the forum version of SecureEmail and Automatic Decryption it is turned off by default

I have set up secure mail as in the forum post here;msg218399#msg218399 as IMAP with SSL

Thanks for all this information.

One other thing you might try while I’m trying to find a resolution… Change the defaul SMTP port in Thunderbird to 587 & add it to CSE.

Some ISP’s block port 25 ramdomly.


Err what part and how?

Here’s how… (See page 2)

That has not helped as I have the same problem. Thanks a lot for all your help thus far.

Please uninstall CSE and then re-install it.

It seems to resolve the issue for some users, especially those who have used an older version.


Hi, Leon

We successfully reproduced your issue and fixed it.

This fix would be available in the very next release of CSE.
I’ll post here as soon as it will be available.

Thanks for selecting COMODO!

Regards, Eugene.