Can't send email

Whenever I try to send an email the email comes back hours later with the following message:

This is the AVG E-mail Scanner program.

I’m sorry to have to inform you that the message returned
below could not be delivered to one or more destinations.
The E-mail server has responded with the following error:

Cannot open smtp connection to ‘’
Connect: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. (10060)

Your e-mail message is being returned to you in the next part of this
message. Try to send the message again.

My details are:
OS: Win2000 SP4
Comodo ver
Email: Thunderbird
AVG Free: 4.5.476

I disabled outgoing scanning, so I’m not sure why AVG is sending me this message.

I selected “Skip advanced security checks” for avgemc.exe (both outgoing and incoming) and it has not helped.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like CFP is blocking Thunderbird’s connection to your smtp (outgoing mail) server. Do you have a rule for Thunderbird in the Application Monitor? Anything in the logs?

I have a rule for Thunderbird, but I’ll check the logs. Thanks

You need an Application Monitor rule for AVG email scanner. I don’t remember the name of the executable off the top of my head, though. Further, you will need to edit the Miscellaneous tab of that application rule, and set it to Allow Invisible Connections and Skip Advanced Security Checks.

That should take care of it.


I ended up uninstalling AVG AV and Comodo firewall and I still could not send email. When I tried reinstalling AVG, it gave me a warning about a conflict with another program, which I probably had the first time I installed it and didn’t notice it. I think that someone messed up my system so that I couldn’t connect to my outgoing mail server. So I reverted to a previous system state and I can send email just fine.

But currently I don’t have an AV or firewall installed.

Thanks to everyone who replied.

When you reinstall, I advise installing the firewall first, as there will be less chance of conflicts that way. Even better is to install both in Safe Mode.


Good idea. Thanks