Can't seem to renew or even login for a new account

When my (free version) antispam gateway license was expiring, I sent a message to support to renew.
No response. Sent another message. No response. Sent another message and they responded that it was forwarded to Sales.
Sales did not respond. I sent Sales a message, including asking if there was a low cost personal paid version. No response.

Finally, yesterday I tried to sign up as a new user with a different email address. It appeared to work and I received a confirmation email and license number.
Tried logging in as the email directed. Got a username/password invalid message. I’m using a password manager program, so I’m confident I’m using the right login info.
Sent a message to subscriptions@… yesterday with no reply yet.
Now trying the forum.

Your antispam gateway is awesome. Works really well. I’d like to continue making use of your service. Your free version works well for me, though I’d happily pay something reasonable for it (especially if renewal went better!).

Please help me get an account working again ASAP! Thank you.

I can PM either or both email addresses I used to sign-up (the one I’ve been using, or the one I signed up with yesterday). The historical one is the same as what I used to sign-up for the forum.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide.


Hello @dlaflamm,

Please open a ticket with Antispam Gateway Support by sending an email to , don’t forget to mention the email address used for registering the new subscription.

Thanks! Done, awaiting response.
I appreciate the quick reply you gave. :-TU