Can't scan these Files with CIS

Hi Guys ,

I had uploaded a few hours ago the following files at valkyrie . The vendor is Gray listed and the files were correctly recognized as Malware . A signature was made shortly afterwards . I am not quite sure, but I believe after the last signatur update , I am no longer able to scan these files with CIS . Is perhaps something wrong with the signature or is something went wrong with the creation process ? When I try to scan the files, the processor ( all cores ) load goes almost to maximum and the disk is constantly accessed ( from “cavwp.exe” ) with unusually high data rates ( Up to 70 mb /s ) . The process was not completed after 45 minutes of waiting . I need to close the “cavwp.exe” manually , to make my system usable again . Previously, I could not cancel the scan process . Please check if this issue can be reproduced by anyone !? Thank you !!!

Hi pio,

We are going to investigate. Thank you for reporting this!


Now it is detected normally !!! Thx !!! :-TU