Can't revoke, can't install! Help!

I am extremely frustrated. My free email certificate expired, so I attempted to sign up for a new one. I went through th process but when wi tried to collect it, I got an error message. After Googling around and checking these forums I found that the process does not work with Chromium-based browsers. You know; that seems like the sort of thing that Comodo might have mentioned at the start of the process. Particularly since, you know, they make and endorse a Chromium-based browser. I was using Comodo’s own Comodo Dragon browser to sign up for the free cert, and it wasn’t compatible! Great, so now i have to revoek my cert. Problem is, it won’t accept my revocation password. I know I have the right one, as I copy and pasted it from my password manager.

So I can’t get my cert because I used Comodo’s browser, and I can’t revoke my cert because Comodo’s site won’t accept my password.

Not my day.