Hiya Guys… im new to this forum i joined because im in deep **** basically ive had these nasty trojans, worms or what ever thay are for months now and every program i use refuses to remove them. the trojans have wiped out my administrator privileges on my user account on my pc and in order to remove very dangerious trojans i need the admin on my user account other wise it refuses to remove them i have used the trojan remover on this site as suggested on here and even that program refuses to remove them. the only program that picks them up is search and destroy but it wont remove them because the admin has been removed some one please help :frowning:

Hi Loxy

Welcome to the Comodo forums. What I would like you to do first, if you have not done it already, is scan your computer in safe mode even if you cannot update your antivirus. After the scan restart your pc and if you gain back your internet connection, update your anti-virus and rescan.

If that fails what you are going to do is to install avira9 free and while you install avira remember to select early start or safe start, I cannot remember properly how avira worded it. Scan with avira in safe mode. When the scan is done restart your pc again. When the pc boots back up if some trojan got passed avira during the scan, avira will be able to catch it since avira will be loaded early before the trojans do.

If that also fails your only recourse it to create some rescue discs or boot discs and clean your computer. Here a link where you can download some rescue discs:

If I may give you a suggestion: Please use BitDefender (Update), Avira (Cannot uptdate), you will have to create a new avira rescue disc every time you want to clean a computer in order to get the most up-to-date definitions. Dr Web (Update), Gdata (Update) the gui is in German.

Let’s win the war against your trojans and win back your computer. Come on let’s do it.