Can't remember the program

Hello! I had a program that scanned computer and result was a list of data devices which were plugged in with computer. It shows how many USB keys was plugged in with computer and so on. Do you know any software like that?

Do you know any software like that?
There's one, built into windows ;) You can do it without downloading a program

With “XP” or “Vista” and propably “windows 7” <---- I’m not on windows 7 right, but I think it’s the same

  1. Right click on "My Computer
  2. Click on “Properties”
  3. Click on the “Hardware” folder
  4. Click on “Device Manager”
    Your now there :slight_smile:


Device Manager Location On Windows 7
Start menu/Computer/System and Security/System/Device Manager Tab located on top left hand of page

Faster ;D
Control panel->system->device manager


Hey Hlupic,

I remember that application, USBDeview from Nirsoft.



Hi Hlupic,

The one that Bad Frogger suggested is the one…
as many other excellent Utilities from the referred site.

Just keep in mind that some of them are often flagged by different security (there are reasons) … many are considered as “Riskware”. You have to whitelist them

So basically, Bad Frogger is Bad … I mean … he is right as in many cases … I mean often … …usually?.. always ??? - the latter? ;D


Faster Grin Control panel->system->device manager
I agree, but outside of Comodo. I'm used to having to explain things as simple as possible and the people(outside of comodo :) ) seem to like the step-by-step approach.