Can't recover password of previous account

I would like to recover my previous account of the same name, but Comodo Forum won’t sent me the password after repeatedly trying, I had to create this account to come and post about it.

Awaiting feedback from the other moderators. Do you still have access to the email account of the old account?

OK thank you and yes I do

I tried the procedure and it worked. Could you try again?

The Forum says it sent the password but it doesn’t I tried like 10 times yesterday, and nothing, I tried my other e-mail addresses and the forums said none of them have a registered user/account associated, so necessarily your Forum isn’t sending the recovery e-mail, maybe because I last logged in like 2 years ago, and old accounts are being ignored

Have you checked to make sure the email is not blocked?

Have you actual tried to login to your old account?


Yes to all

My mistake, it was filtered into a Comodo folder, forgot about it, thanks for your assistance and apologies for the confusion

All good, Thank you