Can't recieve the proper IP for my internet connection

I Can’t receive the proper IP for my internet connection unless the firewall behaviour settings is turned to Disabled.
I have an ADSL connection.

My problem is almost like this :

I have included a screen shot of firewall logs.

This is the IP i should be getting :
But when the firewall is turned on it shows : and i can’t access anything.

Thnx Quill you solved it :smiley:

The forum is not allowing me to post, it says error last post from my ip was less than a second ago.(Which is not true)

Try this

  1.    Click Start>Run from the Windows Desktop.
  2.    In the Open: field type CMD, then click OK. The Windows Command Console will appear.
  3.    In the Command Console window type netsh int ip reset c:\Reset.txt
  4.    Press Enter on the keyboard.
  5.    In the Command Console window type netsh winsock reset
  6.    Press Enter.
  7.    Close the Windows Command Console and Restart the computer.

Have your tried to use ‘Traning mode’ ?
1.change mode to ‘Traning mode’
3.connect to internet. If it works fine, change it to ‘Safe mode’

Welcome to the forum Jithu.

The problem appears to be svchost.exe which is being blocked. Open The firewall/Advanced/Network security policy/Application rules

Look for an entry for svchost.exe and see it there is a block. Otherwise tahe a screenshot and post it here. You can use the attachments option from the Reply tab instead of using photobucket

Thnx you fixed it :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: