Can't ping or play games

Just recently, my comodo has been having some problems. I am unable to ping anyone in any of my networks and i am unable to connect to anyone to play a game (such as minecraft).
I tried removing my firewall and etc but it still doesn’t work
Any help would b nice :smiley:

so i was working before ?

Yea, i’ve been using this for half a year and it was working fine.

have you change anything in r windows configuration ? like for example new firewall ir anything like it ?

how about r friends ? did they change anything in windows configuration ?

what if you have instaled new vpn ( like hamachi or tunngle ) ? also make sure, comodo unite is on top of connections in windows connections.

i checked the firewall and there are no problems there
however when i went to connections i saw hamachi and tunngle, but no comodo

get rid of hamachi & tunngle. reboot and check network connections for comodo. also make sure it’s ( comodo ) on top of connections