Can't permanently remove all files from submission list as they keep reappearing

I really don’t understand COMODO at all. I had 176 files in ‘My Pending Files’ and I thought why not submit then to COMODO…big mistake as I kept getting messages about a failed network connection.

Anyway I decided to remove all the files in the submission application. When you click on ‘Remove All’ they all disappear but only reappear again when you reopen the file and the submission process starts all over again. Frustrated I send the whole application to the recycle bin as it’s driving me crazy. Worried that i would screw up COMODO I restored it back.

How can I permanently delete these files?

Have you tried purging the my pending files list?this will get rid of files no longer needed.

Nice 1 Matty

Yes I went back to the my pending file list and cleaned out, in fact, all the files but everytime I open the submit application the files are still there. I select remove all and they disappear but when I reopen they are still there. Also using Windows explorer to open the cfpsbmit application in COMODO the files are sitting in the application. I once again just sent the whole application to the recycle bin just to get rid of the annoying windows popping up saying that my network connection has failed and another widow where I have to abort the submission of the files.

Other than the recycle bin I don’t know how to permanently remove the files or shut the submission process off.

There are some applications that create temp files and delete them after use. If they are re-created on each use, they will appear on the Pending list since it just lists files that have been created on your HD. To check, select those files and click the Purge button. This will create a list of files that are no longer on the HD and ask if you want to take them off the Pending list. If they don’t exist, obviously putting them on the safe list or submitting them will not work. May have a suggestion for avoiding having them appear, but I will have to test it.

This is just a list of files that I had stored in my safe files…I decided to submit them to COMODO. This is where I ran into trouble. I kept getting a message that the network had ben interrupted. I was forced to abort.

I decided to remove all the files in the submission application. They disappear from the window BUT COMODO firewall continues to try and submit them for analysis.

When you open the submission application all the files that were preciously removed have reappeared. Click on remove all and they disappear but reappear when you open the application. In fact if you simply decide to highlight one of the files and click on remove nothing happens.

Very peculiar. Try this - may not help but why not? Click Miscellaneous>Settings>Update tab. Uncheck the “Automatically submit the files in the submission queue to Comodo” box and click Apply. Then try Remove on the files on the Pending list.

It really is strange, I followed your suggestion and still no luck. For piece of mind I moved the cfpsbmit application to my desktop. When you run the diagnostic app it then recreates the missing application with all 176 files still waiting in queue.

If I highlight one specific file and click on remove nothing happens, if I click on remove all they all disappear BUT only to reappear when I reopen the application. I have unchecked “Automatically…queue to Comodo”, as you suggest, which might buy me some piece of mind but it’s simpler to leave the application on the desktop.

I’ve read the help file on the pending files and honestly don’t understand a word. They end up there obviously because Comodo thinks they might be a threat but I can’t differentiate one from the other.

I was running Zone Alarm free edition on my desktop with XP Professional as my OS and thought it was a great firewall.

I may just uninstall Comodo and go with Zone Alarm.


Something you may not have tried go in defence+ when the files are being submitted,you will see a referance for cfp.exe and another for cfpsbmit.exe.Terminate the sbmit.exe then return to the submit suspicious files list in miscellanious and see if you can remove them.


Sorry I don’t quite understand what you are suggesting?

Sorry mate,first off go to defence+/common tasks and view active process list.Under explorer.exe you will see some .exe files one of which will be cpf.exe.When file submission is taking place there will be a branch off cpf.exe to cpfsbmit.exe.

Go to the submit suspicious files(miscellaneous/submit suspicious files) and try to submit the files(you should get an icon in the taskbar)

Now go back to defence+/view active process list and if you have the branch cpfsbmit.exe off cpf.exe right click on it and choose to terminate.

Now go back to the submit suspicious files section and see if you can remove all.

Good luck Matty

If you still can’t clear the list, open Windows Explorer and navigate to:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Common\FileSubmission\CFPFSQueueFile.que
Save a backup copy of the .que file (rename the copy for simplicity and save it in the same directory)
Open the .que file in Notepad. Leave the initial characters:

3 . 0 . 1 4 . 2 7 6 p D

and the final characters:
| S a f e / P e n d i n g L i s t | vP r

and delete the files listed in between. Save the edited file and hope for the best.

I did as you suggested but when I remove all and then reopen the application the 176 files reappear like magic. There doesn’t seem to be any way to remove them permanently.

If I was running my old XP Professional I could follow your instructions to the letter…this Vista is another matter. Personally I think Bill Gates should shove up Vista up his you know where.

I can’t locate C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Common\FileSubmission\CFPFSQueueFile.que

I don’t know if this might help and if you’ve already been trying this, but when the files try to submit, click Abort then a submission window will open where it will show what files are waiting to be submitted and then remove all that are waiting to be submitted, just make sure to try that in that submission window and not in the My pending files box

That’s what I have ben trying to do all along. Simply clicking ‘remove’ for an individual file doesn’t work at all and when you click on ‘remove all’ they all disappear but reappear when you reopen the application.

I just want to get rid of them period.

Miscellaneous, submit suspicious files, remove

This is my whole point ‘remove all’ doesn’t work, it does in that they disappear from the suspicious files window then you close the application but in Miscellaneous when you open ‘submit suspicious files’ they reappear.

I was trying initially to submit these files from my safe files list and there were 176 files. After I found out that I couldn’t remove them permanently from the ‘submit suspicious file’ application I went back to my safe files and deleted them.

If I move the cfpsbmit application from the actual program to my desktop obviously trying to then open the ‘Submit suspicious files’ from Miscellaneous doesn’t work.

If in Miscellaneous I run the Comodo diagnostic application it spots a problem with the installation and asks if I want to correct it. When I click OK it recreates the cfpsbmit application in the program directory with the same 176 files.

If those files are no longer in my safe files how does it pull them out of the hat, where are they hiding so I can permanently delete them?

I found out where those files are sitting even though deleted from my safe files. When you open Comodo firewall using Windows explorer and open the Repair folder there sits cfpsbmit.exe with it’s 176 files. Obviously when you run the diagnosis application it discovers the mit.exe application missing and replaces it from the Repair file.

I would just like to know how to permantently remove the 176 files from the suspicious files list?

Have you tried searching for CFPFSQueueFile.que? I cleared my queue and the file only contains a single line (using Notepad):

3 . 0 . 1 4 . 2 7 6 (this entry should show a box before and after the version numbers)

One other possibility: start the submit process and click Abort. This will bring up a different submit window that might allow you to remove the files correctly.

I searched in Vista for the CFPFSQueueFile.que file and it doesn’t exist. If I start the submit process my only option to stop the process is to click Cancel there is no Abort. The only window that appears is one which says it’s downloading files as the process has been stopped.