Can't make FTP access work with Beyond Compare.

I’ve got CFP and when using Beyond Compare ( to access an FTP site, the communication reaches the LIST command and then stops.

I have the application set to “allow all”, but the only way to get it to work is to set the Netowrk Protection to disabled.

This may be a bug, or may be that I don’t know the correct setting.

Try setting it to FTP Client in network security policy and look for anything logged.

I’m having the exact problem with my client (Total Commander). When I get to compiling the list, it stops. It then switches to trying PASV mode, but still fails to get the directory list. I’m using the FTP Client settings for my Predefined Policy. I connect with no problems with CFP disabled.

My Log:

Action: Blocked
Protocol: TCP
Source IP: (example)
Soruce Port: 20
Destination IP: (example)
Destination Port: 1784


I found the answer on the Comodo forum:

I added the following to my Global rule Set:

Action: Allow
Direction: In
Description: Allow Incoming FTP-DATA Requests

Source Address: Any
Destination Address: Any
Source Port: A Single Port: 20
Destination: Any

Passive FTP does not have a required port. It can pick a port at random in the high range. I think BC has an active FTP mode. try that.