Can't login into Google to Sync Chrome Settings

CD just updated today to Version 89.0.4389.128 (64-bit)

Which then logged me out of Google, and now I cannot sync. It has me log in like normal. Once I do my 2A and all that, it takes me back to Google’s website and I am signed into Google just fine, just not on CD.

I have not cleared Cache yet, I did restart my computer with no luck. Next time is a reinstall if clearing the cache don’t work. Which for the most part, everything is up to date in the sync portion at least. So not to entirely worried about losing data.

The only additional plugins I have installed is AdBlock Plus, BetterTTV, Honey, Tube Buddy and Google Mail checker. That’s all besides the pre-existing plugins from CD. Nothing to do with the actual login process, and have not had an issue until this recent version update of CD.

Edit: Reinstalling did not work at all. So it has to do with CD itself… I downloaded GC and logged in just fine.

Use the search and it is also listed in the release notes. Google to cut off other Chromium-based browsers from its Sync service March 15

Thanks! Had no idea. I rarely come onto any forums. Guess I’ll just use Ice Dragon and switch to FireFox completely then, if Google is really going to act like that…