Cant join networks - Invalid Name


I created a network in the website and nobody can join it. 2 people tried. They typed the exact name of the network and the error is the same. Even if I type I get the same error, while I guess I should get something like: You are already a member of this network.

What am I doing wrong?

I currently have to add all members by e-mail in the website interface. I would like it to be a public network, and people could enter without the need for approval and of course, using the name of the network to join.

The setup of the community is FREE JOIN and PUBLIC.

Any help?

could you please give me network name ? i would like to jump into it and see.



Network name is: Cities in Motion 2

here it is. ppl can join your network.

but they can do it only via website -

after they log in with they username & password. here is my question in that case. while you havve been creating a nwetworkk on website, did you usee this ?

[b]Network Membership Policy Statement[/b]

This allow you to set and change the Network Membership Policy Statement, users must comply with when join to the network.

because if you do, well you know now why ppl can’t join your network formm comodo unite menu. only by web site…




I did not change the Policy Statement. I never even used the website, I started to use to see if any option there was blocking.

What do I need to do? Remove the network and create it in comodo? Makes no sense to me that you can join via website and not via comodo menu.

well i just create a new network with one of my logins ( on wweb site ) and after that i have log in into comodo with using my another account, and with using deafult settings on website i could log in into network from CU menu.

so in my opinion there is something you have done wrong. ( thiss is my opinion so please dont take it wrong )

Yes and that is what I’m trying to discover. What I’ve done wrong and what I need to do to fix it.

hmm … thought it’s network description that is not allowing ppl to join. but no. it isn’t.

dam, i’m running out of options here ;p … have you try to create new network ?



If I try to create it says the network already exists… :frowning:

how about choosing new name ? or deleting old network ?

Well I will try the email support first. I don’t want to redo everything and discover the same problem will happen again. Also this might be a bug, worth reporting.

there is one but … i’m not sure they are supporting cu anymore ;/

try create new network, only this time name it ‘CitiesinMotion2’ for rxample. and while you are log in on comodo managing website, you can edit basic setttings for network. just go to ‘network admin’ tab, click on network name and now try to change it, so ppl need provide password as well. save changes and see how it works.

Ok I created exactly what you said: CitiesinMotion2

Try joining.

done :wink:

So you joined by searching? No problem, no password needed?

no. i have join to your network from cu menu. i can’t find network by searching it ;/

As always computer is not an exact science :wink:

Well thanks for all the help and attention. Very nice of you.