Can't install windows updates, keep being put in Pending Files

??? I downloaded some 22 windows updates for vista but I can’t install them because everytime the computer boots the files are locked in that “Pending files” vault. I don’t know what to do! (:AGY)

What am i supposed to do with the files “waiting to be reviewed.”? I have switched to Installation mode but these updates won’t install. windows tries to install them for about 15 minutes and then gives up.

right now I have Defense+ DISABLED and it’s still blocking the files from installing.

What do I do!? Comodo says The Defense+ security level is set to DISABLED. 590 files waiting for your review.

Comodo completely ruined my Windows installation twice.

At first I installed comodo firewall after uninstalling PC Tools firewall and I could not install any updates. So I formatted my hard drive and did a fresh install of windows Vista. right after I installed Windows I installed Comodo and now I can’t install any of my windows updates, they all FAIL. So I COMPLETELY DISABLED the Defense+ and I STILL cannot install my updates. Everytime I download them Windows tries to install them but they all fail the installation. Now I have completely uninstakked the firewall and am seeing if this helps…

Well I can’t explain this but right after I uninstalled Comodo all of my updates were able to install (finally). this is definitately an issue.

Not only were all of my updates added to “my safe files” but Defense+ was in Installation Mode AND set to completely DISABLED in the advanced options screen.

This is definitely an issue that needs to be looked into when the only way to install Windows updates is to uninstall comodo. The HIPs obviously needs to be reconsidered.

it gave me issues too. Not all updates by the way. First of all my updates wont install by themselves moreover they wont even download automatically. I set win updates to only alert me. After I downloaded them the solution was to mark the installer as “installer or updater” in the popup. Oh and if one needs a windows reinstall I suggest to install first the updates and after that the firewall.