Can't Install last Comodo AntiVirus for Linux 64 bit version


I’m using Ubuntu Studio 16.04, 64 bit OS, and I couldn’t install the last version of Comodo AntiVirus for Linux (64 bit version).

The system (GDebi installer) told me:

“Error: No se puede satisfacer la dependencia: libssl0.9.8 (>=0.9.8m-1)”

(Error: Can’t satisfy ‘libssl0.9.8’ dependency (>=0.9.8m-1))

However, the 32 bit version can be installed, but I’m not sure if it would be a good idea to install a 32 bit antivirus software into a 64 bit OS.

How could I fix this? ???

Thanks a lot for your time!!!

Greetings & Blessings from Chile!!!


I managed to install CAVL on Ubuntu 16.04, the trick is to install libssl0.9.8 from the 14.04 package:

However, this only allows me to scan on demand. The very important functionality of scanning on access requires two kernel modules (redirfs and avflt), which do not compile on 16.04. I have tried to use KINTA-JAPAN’s patch (see for details), but to no avail - the patch compiles, but hangs the system; apparently it is not compatible with 4.4 kernel (which comes as default with Ubuntu 16.04).

The better trick is for Comodo to update the programming to use libssl 1.0 or better.