Can't install internet security or firewall

Please can someone help? I tried to install the new CIS, which deleted my old comodo firewall…but the new one wont install. Tried CIS and firewall on its own. I closed all other security programs and disconnected from internet - but it wont work. Gives me error 1603 (I think). What can I do? Can I reinstall the old firewall? I feel naked without a firewall! I have XP s2. Thanks.

Seriously, CIS4 is a pain in the bum. Is there anyway I can get the previous version back on my system?


Try to remove the remaints from your previous version with the Clean-up tool for Comodo from this post and try to install again CIS (you can download from here). Does it work?


;D YAY! It worked! Thank you x a million!