Can't install Google add-ons from Webstore

Apologies if this is a noob question, could not find anything useful in the forums.

I can install most apps from the webstore, but not the Google ones. The error message after download is that the app can only be installed from the webstore.

Using latest CD 17.1 (Kudos to Comodo for the browser, it works amazingly well!)


Please post a screenshot of the error and a list of applications which cannot be installed.

Thank you.

I signed in with my Google account in Comodo - since then I can install Google built add-ons.

i had this problem. Do you have the option “Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header” enabled? if so try disabling it and reinstalling the add-on

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Yes, I have this activated. Can try again with disabling it, but logging into the Google account also seems to resolve the issue.

Is this by design? If so I can imagine some users being confused by it. The HTTP option is disabled by default though…

idk y but some websites require that information (know where you came from) to access certain things. this option is disabled by default so if you want to keep this enabled just disabled only when you want to install addons etc.

I also have the same problem. E.g.: I couldn’t install Sigmabox Calculator. The error message said: It is possible to download only from the Internet Webstore. However I was in the webstore.

Disable the HTTP referer option in Comodos options and it will work.

Many thanks. It works!