Can't install Comodo Firewall [RESOLVED]

I have WINXP Pro and wanted to try Comodo rather than Zonealarm. I get an error 0 in a Winzip Self-extractor window. I downloaded a copy of Winzip Self-extractor when I couldn’t even find it on my system. I know I had it at one time.

Anyway, After downloading a fresh copy from the Winzip website, I got the same Error message. Here is the file I am trying to unzip:

CFP_setup_3.0.20.320_xp_Vista_x64.exe (from Comodo website)

Can someone help me? denise

Why are you trying to unzip it? Just double click on it. Do you actually have 64bit XP?

Like sded said. What you downloaded is an exe file. Double click and install. It is not a compressed file. You did not need WinZIP. WinZIP is a file compression program and you do not use it or need to install an exe file. You actually dont even need WinZIP when 7-ZIp is free.

Please forgive me Im an idiot. I don’t have the 64 bit WinXP, geesh! I have downloaded the 32 and doing fine. Thank you and sorry for any aggravation I caused. (:SHY) denise

(CLY) anyways.

Glad it is working for you. I’ll mark this thread as resolved. Let us know if you have any other problems.